Who we are

FarmThe Meyers Farm in Bethel, Alaska uses
fish-based fertilizers
(photo courtesy of Chris Pike)

Alaska Bounty was formed in 2009 to meet the rising consumer interest in all things organic. We will be growing fresh, organic produce at our farm in Naknek, Alaska for sale during the 2010 season. Alaska Bounty Farm is conveniently located across the road from Red Salmon Cannery, behind the Cedar Village apartments. You can also put in your order by calling (907) 246-3474 or (907) 439-6053.

Why Alaska Bounty?

  1. Alaska Bounty uses only sustainably harvested wild Alaskan salmon. Alaska Bounty uses only natural, locally-available soil amendments, such as fish-based fertilizers, local peat moss and wood chips for soil fertility. Our interest is in growing food with our local materials, to ensure long-term sustainability of our region and serve as a demonstration project for the entire Bristol Bay region.
  2. By utilizing an existing waste stream, we are doing our part to reduce pollution in Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay region.
  3. Our food is grown with love, care, and attention. We are committed to treating our workers and customers fairly, as well as doing our part to improve the economic outlook of the community. Our owners believe in the concept of “copyleft” and freely share information pertaining to formulation of their soil fertilizers, available funding opportunities, and other information that some companies may feel is proprietary.
  4. At Alaska Bounty, we recognize that our fossil-fuel based economy is vulnerable to disruption. Living in a remote part of Alaska means that without a locally-grown food supply, our people may be faced with food shortages. To ensure our local and regional food security, we offer technical assistance and advice to others who wish to grow their own food.